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Led Lamp

Friends of Janette Boatworks

Need rowing or paddling equipment? Repair? 

Below are companies we trust and would like to share!

Car top carriers, lowboys and other useful products

Huber Fabrication has been a trusted name in our community for over a decades.  Ask about their double-base aluminum car top racks…made in the USA!

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Croker is your number one destination for all things oars.  We also love their seat-tops and foam seat pads!

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Control your soundtrack without disrupting your rhythm.

- Compatible with Concept2 Mode D/E/Row Erg handle

- Volume Up/Down

- Play/Pause

- Previous/Next Track

- Single CR2032 Battery lasts over a year with normal usage

- Compatible with iOS (10+) and Android (10+) devices

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Shell Repair USA

"World's Greatest Boat Shop!" Located right outside of Boathouse Row, and New Jersey's Cooper Park, with over 35 years of experience.

- Repairs

- Parts

- Storage

- Used Boats

- Rigging

- Launch repairs

- Transportation

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